Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tracklist: Laura Hocking - Strongmen And Acrobats

Laura Hocking has been around for a while - she traded as Laura Sings Liver for a bit and Lola & The Clic for a moment - during which time she's been corralled into all manner of scenes without ever getting the extra notice she deserves. A literate storyteller of a writer, she cares for the tiny details both in the personal attachment of the lyrics - she describes this as being "a song about taking my autistic brother to fireworks night in a small town" - and in the sympathetic, swooning acoustic slow dance of the music, not to mention her own heartfelt tones. If you liked the folkier bits of the Gabby Young & Other Animals album from last year, you'll get on fine with this.

02 Strongmen and Acrobats by laurahocking

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