Saturday, February 05, 2011

Tracklist: Hold Your Horse Is - Forgive And Forget

Frimley and Fleet's own Hold Your Horse Is - that's no name for a band - pick up where Reuben carelessly left melodic DIY British alt-rock hanging, rushing but just this side of frantic while still carrying on like a runaway bulldozer, riffs poking through the cracks in the mortar. It's a nugget that drives straight for the cerebral cortex brandishing a pickaxe. A free mp3 download from their website, this accompanies a big old tour with Mojo Fury (coming up on Tracklist if/when we get space) which tonight hits Pumphrey's Cellar Bar, Newcastle for no money at all, with Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Leeds (free), Ipswich (free), Aldershot, Nottingham, Cardiff, London (free) and Southampton following between now and the 16th. Check local press for details. Also, the video features cameos by members of among others Reuben, Stagecoach, &U&I, Elle Milano and Million Dead (um, that'll be Frank Turner)

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