Monday, February 07, 2011

Call a Kab

Well, The Kabeedies isn't an easy name to get anything punning out of without judicious editing, is it? This is an APB that Norwich's most exuberant have a new free single out today. It's called Santiago, which sounds like this...

The Kabeedies - Santiago by Sainted PR

...and you can download it from Bandcamp. You could of course wait until 11th April and pay for it should you be thus inclined It sounds like the Kabeedies, all mixed sex harmonies, groove-ish guitar pop and busy drumming, but with a horn section and a slowed down bridge. They have dates impending - London Monarch on Wednesday, Norwich Waterfront on 20th April, and then a tour in May, most of these dates with the broodingly brittle fellow children of Norfolk These Ghosts.

4/5 Reading Oakford
5/5 Brighton Latest Music Bar
6/5 London Amersham
7/5 Bristol Mother's Ruin
8/5 Cardiff Undertone
9/5 Coventry Kasbah
10/5 Cambridge Cornerhouse
11/5 Birmingham Rainbow
12/5 Leeds Milo
13/5 Leicester Firebug
14/5 Manchester Night & Day
15/5 Chester Laugh Inn

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