Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tracklist: Chapter 24 - All Them Selves

Something less approachable for the unwary marks Tracklist number fifty. The more we hear of Chapter 24, who have an eponymous album out next week, the more we find ourselves drawn to the idea that the Raincoats and Slits might have funny nephews worthy of the name after all. For a good while this track off said EP exists only in splinters and bits caught in the wind, waiting for some heavy machinery to come along and sandblast it into a more lasting shape. Instead, they make you wait a good two and a half minutes before sticking the constituent parts of tropical punk-gasm in a cement mixer, playing Jenga with the remains and hoping the bits might make sense when eventually thrown together. By the end Claire Smith's not so much run out of gas as been placed under emergency heavy sedation. It's clearly not something we're going to commend for the strength of its pop crossover melodies, but the madness inherent is just as winning.

All Them Selves by chapter24band

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