Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tracklist: Kidnapper Bell - Falling & Laughing

No, nothing to do with that, or for that matter this, Falling And Laughing, though it does come from fellow Brum dwellers to this Falling And Laughing and features them on the cover. No, this Falling & Laughing is an unstable beast, not that far away from Johnny Foreigner if someone spiked their gin with Ritalin. It's built on sturdily livewire, nearly Kinsellacore, definitely explosively intricate guitar lines, powderkeg drumming, a proper almost poppy chorus hook to counteract all the other stuff and an ever present sense that if they wanted they could really take off into space. Kidnapper Bell have been around for two or three years without ever quite achieving what they're capable of until now, we'd adjudge. A double A-side of this b/w Mouthful Of Pennies is out on 7th March.

Kidnapper Bell - Falling and Laughing by kidnapperbell

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