Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Reeling In The Years

Let's start this month with a big crowdsourced project like only we can ultimately fail at. Three years ago, a beautifully simplistic app called Muxtape was spread throughout the music online world. It allowed users to upload a playlist of twelve songs for streaming, and was keenly taken up by those willing to show off their impeccable taste. Obviously, before long The Man found out and had it shut down.

By then we'd long fallen for its opportunities, organising a set of Celebrity Muxtapes (the forerunner to the current Playlists) and, getting to the point now, Muxtape Challenge. Now there are streaming songs all over what used to be known as cyberspace, from YouTube to Spotify to Soundcloud to good old fashioned bloggage, it's time for a reboot.

We want the last four complete decades, 1970 to 2009, represented by ten tracks from the year in question, each compiled by a different person. We don't want the most popular or the tokenistic, but an attempt to provide an individual snapshot of what was going on in your particular retrospective view of that year. All we need from you is the year specific playlist, we'll do the rest. Comment, email (sweepingthenation(at)dsl.pipex.com), Twitter (@sweepingnation), carrier pigeon, however you want to get in touch, put your name down for a year you want to cover, and if you're not sure which year to go for we'll assign you one. This will act as the master post, with another post for each newly created playlist. (If you've asked for one that wasn't previously allocated in the comments and we've not said anything, just assume it's yours)


1971 (Jamie Summers)
1973 **RESERVED**
1976 **RESERVED**
1979 (Sam Pegley)
1980 (Adam Hepton)
1982 (Peter Climie)
1983 (Robin Seamer)
1984 **RESERVED**
1985 (Folly Of Youth)
1986 (Tim Worthington)
1987 (Matt Gaynor)
1988 (Ian Pointer)
1989 (George Overton)
1990 (Adam Hepton)
1991 (Neil Kenny)
1992 (Popty Ping Records)
1993 (James Glazebrook)
1994 (Mat Beal)
1995 (Bamos)
1996 (Skif)
1997 (Joe Mahon)
1998 (Tom Morton)
1999 (Chris Brown)
2000 (Ben Hall)
2001 (Thomas Blatchford)
2004 (Simon Lawson)
2006 **RESERVED**
2007 (James Keen)
2008 (Femi Oshatogbe)
2009 **RESERVED**


Chris Brown said...

Yes, I'll give it a go. And I'm saying that in public to make sure I name and shame myself into doing it, as it were. Are we supposed to avoid repeating the songs from last time?

Simon said...

Well, almost all those playlists don't exist any more (yours was a 1960s year, wasn't it?) so there's no compunction to make sure it's entirely seperate.

Chris Brown said...

OK, yeah I did 1969 I think.
I dunno what year I want to do this time though. If you've got any in mind I'll take suggestions.

skif said...

I'll have a bash at 1996

Simon said...