Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tracklist: Das Wanderlust - Fish Necklace

You can understand why Teesside's Das Wanderlust split opinion so much, given their modus operandi is clatteringly shrieking 'wrong-pop' (their description) with a tendency to wander off the point if left without supervision for too long. New album Bones, Hooves & Horns, a free download, isn't too different from yore, putting playfully odd pop alongside moments when you wonder what the hell they're playing at. They're best when they do both at the same time, as on its opening track wherein Laura Simmons skirts all round the place before landing on the passing concept of friendship amid pointed indiepop with a glockenspiel and cheap keyboard breakdown interrupted by distorted dirty riffage. As we say, clatteringly wandering.

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