Friday, February 04, 2011

Tracklist: Standard Fare - You Can Wait

Standard Fare certainly aren't in a mood to hang around and take in the acclaim, this split 7" with One Happy Island out this week followed by a new single in a couple of months' time. The acoustic guitar and busy rhythm on the 7"'s new track (one fresh song each, one cover of the other) gives it a slightly skiffle air to add to the jangly setting, but otherwise it's two minutes of the same semi-obsessive detail and longing in Emma Kupa's voice and words, the longing to get out of stifling domesticity and the grip of partnership - but not actually split up the relationship, you understand - overbearing as the node that suggests she not do anything stupid attempts vainly to catch up.

Standard Fare "You Can Wait" by Thee SPC

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