Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tracklist: Trophy Wife - The Quiet Earth

Formerly half of Jonquil, the sort of sentence introduction that makes the follow-up qualifier "part of Blessing Force" redundant, Trophy Wife's second single, which comes under the all-seeing aegis of Moshi Moshi (out on the 28th), sends their peculiar refracted pop through the prism of their former running mates' latter day interest in skewed Afropop. Around it is something of their own, a bubbling beat that earths the Baltic summer house haze to the sort of drifting, shimmering melody that American bloggers would sell their mothers for. As we wrote with previous single Microlite, they're closer to a British Notwist than just 'another set of Foals' dropout mates'. Though they may well be that too.

Trophy Wife - The Quiet Earth by Anorak London

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