Friday, February 18, 2011

Tracklist: Colourmusic - Tog

Colourmusic are based in Oklahoma, and with the psychedelia weave of the guitars, reworking of skew-wiff elements into anthemic status and crackpot ideas - they once attempted to combine their five beings into one amorphous human and claim to write based on Isaac Newton's theory of colour - they may remind you of some more currently celebrated Oklahomans. Overdriven glam would be another way of condensing it, taking an acid road trip through wired melodies, headphone listening rewarding layers and metronomic overdriven beats. Two further points: their album, out on 4th April through Memphis Industries over here, is called My _____ Is Pink (style guidance needed on that one), and yes, if their press release is any judge in the video it probably is (meant to be) what it looks like.

Colourmusic - Tog by baldryan

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