Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tracklist: Alessi's Ark - Wire

The only time we've seen Alessi Laurent-Marke live was supporting Mumford & Sons less than two years ago in a two-thirds full 200 capacity room. How times change. Downsizing, while also trading upwards, from Virgin to Bella Union suits her, as does the production switch from Mike Mogis' fussiness to a Wilkommen Collective member. This first taste of April 25th-released second album Time Travel feels freer from production drag, here developing a swing born of still being able to play live in a room among friends with no fear of what may happen next to your work, sounding more immediate and stripped to basics. Maybe it's her vaguely Scandinavian enunciations that helps this remind us of the best of Emiliana Torrini, but it's certainly more grown up, while not duller for the wising up, from the teenager indulging in vaguely vogueish floaty fairytelling of Notes From The Treehouse, underlying notes of anxiety colouring in the clouds.

Alessi's Ark - Wire by Bella Union

Alessi's Ark - Wire from Bella Union on Vimeo.

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