Friday, February 25, 2011

Tracklist: Thomas Tantrum - Cold Gold/Sleep

A two for one deal today with the recent emergence of two new songs from Southampton's gleeful rush of quirky, unpretentious guitar pop. Cold Gold is the more radio ready, sounding like it could have stepped straight off CD2 (or cassette 2 side 2) of a 1996-7 Shine compilation, where they put the less immediately graspable stuff that clearly was just there because a compiler liked it. The new wave streamlining is a little like what Those Dancing Days have done on their new album, only without the unwelcome 80s synth bits.

Thomas Tantrum - Cold Gold by Music Week

The single Sleep, out March 27th on download, is more slippery, dialling down the self-conscious madness of their debut album for something that sounds naggingly familiar without actually being so. For some reason their own official Soundcloud stream is ripped from Marc Riley's show.

Sleep by ThomasTantrum

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