Monday, January 31, 2011

Just so you can keep track of things, a new initiative for as long as the service doesn't manage to piss off a major or the big independents that walked out on eMusic (it's bound to happen to them one way or another eventually) - an end of month roundup of our favourite new releases and relevant other tracks available on Spotify.

STN January 2011

Don't think that the presence of a track from The King Is Dead is an endorsement for the whole of that album, by the way, just the bits that sound like Fables Of The Reconstruction, almost certainly not coincidentally also the bits that feature Peter Buck.


Matt said...

Umm... either I'm being rubbish or it isn't working.

Simon said...

Hmm. It's published and all that. Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Nope my PC doesnt like it either.

Other Matt