Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Reeling In The Years: 1985

by Folly of Youth

The 1985 that wasn’t Live Aid and “We Are The World”. Some songs, small ‘p’ political, that are nostalgic, confused, angry and cynical. And finishing with big ’P’ political: "a song about change not charity, freedom not famine”.

If ever there was a ‘cause’ song to be remembered from the 80s it should be this potent declaration of solidarity. Little Steven van Zandt bringing together Run DMC, Bruce Springsteen, Miles Davis, Joey Ramone, David Ruffin, Hall and Oates, Darlene Love, Afrika Bambaataa, Bob Dylan, Kurtis Blow, Lou Reed and many others to condemn apartheid and those who support it by playing the whites-only pleasure resort. Queen, Elton John and all those who broke the United Nations cultural boycott should still be hanging their heads in shame 25 years later.

The Long Ryders – Looking For Lewis & Clark
Miracle Legion - The Backyard
The Replacements – Left of the Dial
Husker Du – Makes No Sense At All
The Mekons – Hard To Be Human Again
Microdisney - Genius
The Woodentops – Well Well Well
Jesus & Mary Chain – Never Understand
The Housemartins – Flag Day
Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City


Master list

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