Sunday, February 06, 2011

Tracklist: Kill It Kid - Pray On Me

Bath now-four piece Kill It Kid have always seemed one of those bands who haven't had the attention they deserve, stuck for the last year or two on the halfway down the second stage on the 3,000 capacity festival circuit. It's a shame because their storming, taking prisoner-free ragged Delta blues emotiveness always sounds like it has the potential to kick down doors. On this first single, out 21st March from an album due in the autumn, their bluesiness is forefronted in a way John Mayall would understand and simultaneously sound like he's been electrocuted throughout. A battering stop-start riff, a weird ululated evangelical preacher sample from an Alan Lomax field recording, a mid-section where all sorts of fuzzy, sliding guitar noises head northwards, all captained by the death or glory tradeoff between Chris Turpin's dustbowl Antony Hegarty impression and Stephanie Ward, newly upgraded til she sounds just as desperate to napalm the cotton fields.

Pray On Me (Full Version) by Kill It Kid

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