Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Drink - The Coming Rain

Things have slowed up around here as the number of things we can post has slowed up just as dramatically as the number of readers. Don't worry, there'll still be far more end of the year gubbins than you could ever handle regardless. And as it stands The Drink's upcoming album Capital, out on the 13th, may well be in the album of the year big rundown if this serpentine, barbed slinkiness is any guide.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Old reliables: Johnny Foreigner and Martha

Johnny Foreigner - Flooding

Alcopop! are putting out at split 12" - yellow, of course - with Dog Knights Productions featuring Playlounge, Doe, Doctrines and two new songs from these old peculiars, from which we've picked the second and its self-examination to crunchy compacted riffing.

Martha - Chekov's Hangnail

And Pity Me's own have new material coming out on a split vinyl too, a 7" with Radiator Hospital to mark their joint tour that starts at the end of October, choc full of power-pop hooky charge, accented harmonies and existential anguish.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Tessera Skies - Such Great Heights (Raindrops)

No, not a Postal Service cover but a continuation of the Newcastle trio's record of putting out one great track a year. A single released on the 16th, this is notably far more filled out than their previous crystalline sound, filling out their space atmospherics with emotive, stratospheric build and big sweeping Fripptroniced guitar sounds.