Monday, February 28, 2011

Tracklist: Trash Kit - Paper

Trash Kit's album from last May sounded like a mess, in a good way. (Not an oxymoron in our world) Their haywire punk-funk rhythms and clipped female semi-cryptic sloganeering seemed torn from some discarded plans left under the stairs in the Slits' Edgware Road squat. If this new track is slightly more organised it's not because it's much more commercial, confrontational and fully arrhythmic in the best sense of upset rhythm and following its own trail of girl gang wordles vocals, minimally seasick bass and morse code for chordal breakdowns. This is half of a split 7" with Woolf on the club MILK label, which our cult podcast department would like to note seems to be run by someone called Andrew Collings. It's launched on 12th March at Lambeth Women's Project in Stockwell Road SW9, which seems about right.

P A P E R by R4GGS

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