Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fully detached

More has emerged hot off the presses - no, that's wrong, mastertapes? wav files? - from what we like to imagine is the underground radar station somewhere in wildest, dampest Prestatyn established as home base by Under Alien Skies. Their third home cooked EP, Detached, was made with minimal input from the chief vocal member (away working, apparently) and with influence from Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack. While it still comes across as loose items from Panda Bear's box of beatification placed under a powerful microscope, there's still all sorts - folky acoustic plucking, disembodied future soul, washed out soundscapes - that make this world of their own one worth visiting. You can do such for free via Bandcamp (or £3.99 for a cassette, a limited edition of 50), or just by listening below. The tracks run together here are, in order, To Part To, Takewon, Be Better and Ritethru.

detached01 ep by underalienskies

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