Monday, December 27, 2010

It was a very good year

Some quick notices of releases for the last month of the year by two artists that made this here albums of the year countdown. Firstly, Pagan Wanderer Lu's last release, he says, for a while is Pervert Oven ("I burned my hand on my oven at home. I wanted to get my revenge on the oven so I drew a picture of it wearing a raincoat and exposing itself like a pervert"), a pay what you want lo-fi curio of songs that didn't fit, songs that were too odd even for a PWL album, The Great British Public Becomes Self Aware from the year's 26th best album played in the style of Guided By Voices and a song about the loss of innocence felt by the cover star of the first Beano.

We're tempted to start this sentence 'more straightforwardly...', but rarely are Her Name Is Calla straightforward as such. Live at Denovali Swingfest is a similarly up-to-you charged live EP recorded at a label shindig in Essen, Germany in October. Being HNIC, it's half an hour long and comprises three tracks, Condor And River and Pour More Oil from 2010's tenth best LP and Motherfucker! It's Alive And It's Bleeding! from 2008's mini-album The Heritage.

Speaking of live recordings, when the Indelicates put out the year's number nine long player part of the Special Edition deal was an offer for a live acoustic gig of the whole thing, recorded and offered on their, yes, pay-what-you-want Corporate Records venture with the rights transferred to the purchaser. As such at the start of November Simon and Julia shipped up to Glasgow's 13th Note and have subsequently issued a Super Special Acoustic Recording, added to with some older songs and another preview of David Koresh Superstar, the recording of which is finished (with guest appearances by Jim Bob from Carter USM and David Devant and his Spirit Wife's The Vessel among various longterm Indelicates co-conspirators) and set for imminent release. You can still order a special edition, by the way.

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