Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sweeping The Nation Albums Of 2010: Number 49

Rolo Tomassi were never exactly a tunnel vision band, but there was something almost comical about the collision of ludicrous guitar flurries, wrapround electronics and the disparity between Eva Spence and the noise she often emitted in lieu of vocals, almost free jazz expressed as hardcore. Under Diplo's production hand Cosmology brought almost a new palette without sacrificing what they're good at. Philip Glass-indebted sci-fi keyboards lead in metal riffs, time signatures change without sounding obvious about it and 8-bit electronics pull the rug out from the thunderous jackhammer effect. They still know how to crash into a rhythm section headfirst, they still appreciate the art of turning tail on a sixpence into an ambient section or a reflective minimal movement in which Spence sings actually quite sweetly. They've allowed themselves to develop their patchwork chaos theory into something more cohesive, and opened up a world of possibility in the process.


Party Wounds

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