Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sweeping The Nation Albums Of 2010: Number 47

Having been the poster boy in waiting of what was then nu-folk, Johnny Flynn promptly watched many of his compatriots race past him, though Laura Marling stops by on adrift duet The Water here. Then again he's never sounded like someone of this modern sense of the faux-rustic. Been Listening has a more coloured palette production-wise then A Larum, but his rootsy, from the soil properly English folk enunciating remains strong. It means you can better believe his lyrical touch, finding the soul stirring in the bleak and lonely, depicting the individual stories of hope and quiet despair in the crowd. Meanwhile the Sussex Wit develop a sound that partly reaches towards the pastoral, though that's still in strong wistfully open evidence, towards New Orleans brass fanfares, blues and mournful calypso. Flynn and his characters play out their strong morality tale throughout, sincere and stirring, open hearted but fearful in its quiet belief.


Kentucky Pill

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