Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sweeping The Nation Albums Of 2010: Number 36

As if to demonstrate our watertight record with the next big thing, the Kiara Elles split up within months of Slide Over's release. A shame, really - complementing their livewire live presence, Slide Over was a quietly insidious mainline of familiar post-punk revival tropes (disco hi-hat, short sharp riffage) and New Wave wiriness into forms that were both simply efficient and creepingly individual. You'll hear echoes of other Leodensians Girls at Our Best! and Delta 5 in the way it's all built on the lowest pulses, and we suspect Magazine and Comet Gain records were close at hand too. Built on hotwired buzzing basslines, they cut from controlled frantic swarm to delicately slinky, slippery subtleties, rhythmically driven without ever overdoing it. There's synth, but not in the modern splash it all over way, merely to prop up the teetering structures. Hooks are never abandoned to mere angularity, Chiara Lucchini can sound teasing or wild eyed on command, and it's kept topped up on natural pheremones for extra restlessness. Who knows where they would have gone next, getting some decent radio attention as they were, but what they left us with was effective in its edgy grounds.



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