Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sweeping The Nation Albums Of 2010: Number 30

There's been something of a paucity this year of records that are loud, fast and aggressive but cleave to their own regulations, pulling apart the temporal structure of rock after punk and filling in the gaps with unapologetically smashed up pieces of noise. Ice, Sea, Dead People are a trio, originally from Bedford, who really make very little sense, not just lyrically but in delivery and in the way all the instruments often seem to be working flat out against each other. Abrasive to the last, there's something needling about the way that they seem to just fly into fractured songs and yet still come out the other end making a peculiar kind of sense.

Teeth Union, in all its 28 minutes, may sound like chaos at first - wasps in a biscuit tin bendy guitar playing splintered chords, all sorts of bass noise on which you could often land a 747, drums attempting to keep up and eventually deciding to hell with it, Rorschach test lyrics as barked instructions - but some moments and influences do emerge. Husker Du in their Land Speed Record days, for instance, No Wave's deconstructivism, or Death From Above 1979 without the dancefloor dynamics, or Les Savy Fav well before the NME noticed. Whatever, these flashes of crossfire, non-linear scrambled motifs of post-hardcore are spectacularly invigorating, intense blipverts from the anti-commercial world.


Grean Tee

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