Monday, December 13, 2010

The race for Christmas number 1000

A second go at whipping through the latest Christmas songs like a ten year old girl's hair:

No excuse not to have this as it's on A Very Sweeping Christmas, but as Audio Antihero are giving it away for a short period there's no harm in highlighting Nosferatu D2's It's Christmas Time (For God's Sake) seperately. Ben revealed the other day that it's loosely based on Joni Mitchell's River, which is an intriguing leap.

Also being given away by their label, on this occasion Thee SPC, Standard Fare's Tinsel Politics. That was their offering last year for Indiecater's annual festive compilation, and that label returns with An Indiecater Christmas 2010 with another new Standard Fare song, A Flicker Of Snow. For five of your earth Euros you get eleven freshly pressed festive songs, including offerings from Paisley & Charlie and Boca Chica, whose song is a free download, link on their sidebar or their Bandcamp. The venerable indie Matinee are also selling The Matinée Holiday Soirée CDEP, Northern Portrait the relatively big hitters on a five track EP. On the wider capitalist scale Target commissioned a load of Christmas songs and rebranded it Holiday Music - Best Coast & Wavves, Blackalicious, Darker My Love, Crystal Antlers and Bishop Allen among those involved.

Yeah, alright, we've got three paragraphs in and not mentioned Los Campesinos! yet. Kindle A Flame In Her Heart (Direct Soundcloud link) is pretty much what you'd expect an LC! Christmas song to sound like at the moment, ie dark and full of emotional foreboding and group chanting towards death of all the romance. But with some background sleigh bells. Those who subscribe to Heat Rash, and let's not get into all that stuff now, before the 20th also get a version of The Holly And The Ivy. And that's not the only STN favourite pitching in, as a rickety, downtrodden, fairly Sparklehorse-like Johnny Foreigner deliver Santa Fucking Claus. The download version's a WAV!

E-zines (as they used to be awkwardly named) go! The Line Of Best Fit's regular Oh Canada! compilation turns into Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada Deux (the second one, you see), featuring exclusive Christmas Canuck compositional content from the likes of Woodpigeon, Basia Bulat, The Russian Futurists, The Wilderness of Manitoba, Leif Vollebekk and Great Lake Swimmers. For Folk's Sake It's Christmas have put twelve new tracks, incorporating Laura Hocking and Dan Michaelson, for a pound, all proceeds to the Integrated Cancer Centre at King's College London. Meanwhile Joyzine are operating their annual advent calendar of delights, so far including The Go! Team (don't get too excited, it's just T.O.R.N.A.D.O. again), Paul Hawkins, MJ Hibbett, Piney Gir, Viv Albertine, Chris T-T (whose forthcoming Christmas EP is apparently going to be called #iamsantaclaus) and Brontosaurus Chorus. And while we're at it thanks to Audio Muffin for pointing to Fanfarlo's NPR Tiny Desk concert from this time last year, featuring a cover of Just Like Christmas. Aquarium Drunkard are offering the Beatles Christmas singles 1963-69, featuring singalongs, oddities and, in 1968, a cameo by Tiny Tim and production work by Kenny Everett. Oh, and this cover of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) is this year's offering to REM fan club members, with Bill Berry making a slight return to compensate for no Stipe (Mike on vocals). Bear Driver have done Walking In The Air, I Like Trains Last Christmas (via 17 Seconds), but our favourite festive reworking so far is this from Hold Your Horse Is:

Hold Your Horse Is - Wonderful Christmas Time by bsmrocks

Finally The Boy Least Likely To have just issued their Christmas Special, comprising eight new songs and three covers. Among the former, this.

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