Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sweeping The Nation Albums Of 2010: Number 38

Where Broken Records's debut Until The Earth Begins To Part was mostly a set of dynamic songs given flattened out production, Let Me Come Home's every surge and carry is given due attention so that the peaks feel like peaks, the anguish when Jamie Sutherland really gets going feeling like a reaction. While Arcade Fire comparisons circulate so as to sound pat, it's only insomuch as they have a command of the skyward lift as cathartic convincing process, as much in hope as angered turbulence. What they've learnt is the flip side, the dourness and starkness where Sutherland channels Springsteen in pouring his heart out in darkly garlanded musical arrangement. The album is loosely about trying to work out you are, wanting a reason to live and thrive as regret and depression threatens to set in, culminating in a lachrymose desire to leave the outside world behind. If the Celtic reels of the songs that got them initially noticed have been replaced by an American gothic, what remains is a very Scottish desire to wail against the whipping wind, steadfast if cracking against the relentlessness.


A Darkness Rises Up

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