Sunday, January 03, 2010

Class Of 2010

Regular readers and back issues perusers will know that usually at this time of the embryonic year we provide a full Covermount's worth of tips for the year ahead. This year, while there's still to be twenty to follow for the immediate future to be unveiled over the next five days, they're being provided individually instead. Two reasons: a) so we can explain more about those chosen; b) it's just less bother for us.

The usual caveats stand: these are not self-fulfilling prophecies. Of the 21 in Class Of 2008 three didn't release anything, two have deals abroad but not in the UK and one has gone on hiatus. As such, these are not Artists That Are Definitely Going To Be Big In 2010; in fact some we'd be surprised to find fit into any major label priority act criteria. All they are are people, not before featured in a Class Of... although in a good few cases featured heavily on this blog already and thus here as some sort of expectations containment exercise, who have fairly recently started up, none yet an album to the good, that we hope to see continued recorded and live excellence from. They have huge potential and we look forward to further interesting things through the 362 days ahead.

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