Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Class Of 2010: Wonderswan

There was some media excitement at the start of the year about a Leeds-based grunge revival, yet not a lot of those cited seemed to have the ennui-driven Gen X rock drive as, let's be kind to the original genre, In Utero. Even if you wanted to draw a big circle to encompass all points possibly between Dinosaur Pile-Up and Pulled Apart By Horses, Wonderswan would remain resolutely itchily on the perimeter, all Daydream Nation melodic dissonance and Pavement astrayness, scuzzy in a fashion J Mascis would recognise but not after a slacker second hand fashion, or indeed with so many lengthy solos. We were introduced to them tour supporting Sky Larkin, where the bassist set up facing the rest of the band in front of the stage and eardrums were routinely serrated. By the way, they go under ever changing pseudonyms and have very recently taken all the tracks off their Myspace except one fifty second feedback frenzy. Yeah, that sort of band.

Wonderswan - Cut It

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