Sunday, January 03, 2010

Class Of 2010: Standard Fare

When we saw Standard Fare at an all-dayer a couple of months ago, two things were noticeable. Firstly, people were dancing. Secondly, the band were visibly surprised that people were doing such. Maybe the Sheffield based trio really don't realise yet the power that could be harnessed by their songs, in which case they'd better wise up quickly before their debut album The Noyelle Beat is released through Thee SPC on 29th March, preceded next week by 7" Fifteen. It's not just in location and label that they remind us of those early Long Blondes single, smart but uncomfortably bittersweet songs shot through with the joy of being in a band, all kinetic energy and Emma Kupa's pleasingly untutored vocals, wracked but somewhat defiant. Over the full length they've got definite hidden melodic depths, the ability to draw magic from uncomplicated interplay as if held together by the thinnest thread, yet the impression is of a band well schooled in their guitar pop homework with observations and ideas to spare alongside heart and soul.

Standard Fare - A Night With A Friend (B-side version)

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