Sunday, January 03, 2010

Class Of 2010: Acres, Acres

Do Acres, Acres strictly count as a new band? They are after all led by Jeremy Warmsley, who we've mentioned a few times before. However we'd argue their sound is different to his electronic singer-songwriter metier, and they've only played a handful of gigs and written not many more songs, so we think you'll find we're right to put them in. Formed with various members of his backing band and thereabouts, we find them exploring a twistedly sun-kissed mode, invoking the Beach Boys, Beulah and the Shins, harmonies intact and methods of throwing pure guitar pop off balance well developed, but with Warmsley's voice and melodic sense are just about intact at the centre, nodding to distorted alt-folk and an English sense of yearning amid the more Americanised nods.

Acres, Acres - Diamonds From Coal

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