Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Class Of 2010: Stairs To Korea

Promise this is the last time we'll go on about it, but right from first listen Boy Bear It In Mind was such an outstanding debut single, glorious harmonic power-pop shapes wedged into shapes they shouldn't necessarily fit into. The man behind Stairs To Korea is Will Vaughan, a half-Icelandic former(?) member of Horsebox whose further work demonstrates a keen ear for twisting alternative tropes in on itself. Next single All Of Your Friends (11th January, the ever reliable Brainlove Records) is a fiercely intelligent chronicle of the human condition by means of dialled down anthemics, DIY electronics and a smart guitar line. Early days yet all told, but Vaughan has already demonstrated he has enough ideas to make an extended go of bringing fresh life to man with guitar ideals.

Stairs To Korea - After You Die (Dreamtrak Live Session)

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