Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Class Of 2010: Internet Forever

There's quite a few messily noisy lo-fi bands around at the moment in Britain. Why should Internet Forever be better than any of them? Because they almost don't realise they are one. They aren't an outright distortion over talent outfit by any means, merely one that takes a deceptively simple melody and slathers it in molten core guitar noise, needling keyboard lines and a good few group choral shouts, a DIY gang show of fuzzy joy. In that they have more in common with the Awesome Pals! brigade (they've already toured with Johnny Foreigner and played Los Campesinos!' curated evening at Swn festival), stomping their idea of pop all over the underground they seem too good for with all this catchiness, genuine warmth and abrasive spatial awareness. A union of three entities doing bedroom anti-pop for themselves, they exist somewhere between Times New Viking and Los Campesinos! in theory and somewhere amid their own innocence mission in truth, and who'd have ever thought that of a DIY band with a guttural guitar sound these days.

Internet Forever - Pages Of Books

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