Monday, January 04, 2010

Class Of 2010: The Kiara Elles

It might sound like a simple step, but there's a crucial gap between the indiepop show and the indie dancefloor, and it's one Leeds' Kiara Elles bridge neatly. They first crossed our path in 2007, where they sounded like a K Records version of the Shop Assistants or Popguns. That's broadly still what they do after late 2008 lineup and name (nee The Chiara L's) changes, only the desire to take their knife-edge art-pop to the floor has been hardened a little. There's more than a hint of Altered Images before the mass consumption self-makeover, Le Tigre's DIY disco buzz and post-punk's darker post-Joy Division end, all held together upfront by the restless, magnetic personality of Chiara Lucchini. With the album out on local startup Vandal in the next few months - they reported recording had been completed in November - and previous form suggesting their energy levels can be successfully transmuted onto disc, they're a band we suspect with any luck will be turning a lot of heads in the very near future. They deserve to.

The Kiara Elles - Night Terrors

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