Thursday, January 07, 2010

Class Of 2010: Talons

Another instrumental band, but in this case one where pedal abuse rather than Macbook descaling is of the essence. Hailing from Hereford, Talons (not to be confused with the Ohio alt-country singer-songwriter) are post-hardcore post-rock to the core, a neat companion piece to your And So I Watch You From Afars and your Maybeshewills. Heavy riffs plunge down metaphorical lift shafts, bypassed by splinters of song structures and whirlwinds of guitar noise broken up by a two-strong string section on loan from Class Of 2009 non-graduates Gossamer Albatross who add another layer of rushes of violin grandiosity to such visceral energy, veering from dramatic highs to cataclysmic lows. Unsurprisingly, they're by all accounts something special live. Signed to Big Scary Monsters, they've toured with Pulled Apart By Horses and set off with Shoes And Socks Off (ex-Meet Me In St Louis) from the 21st of this month.

Talons - Commiserations Buff Orpington

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Massimo Zeppetelli said...

Good track - thanks for putting it up!