Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Class Of 2010: Fair Ohs

Internet Forever are the almost commercial end of something that's been brewing throughout 2009 in London's DIY underground scene, wherein bands take what Times New Viking and Wavves have done for ultra-lo-fi and extended it into artistically inclined shapes - PENS, Male Bonding, Graffiti Island, Cold Pumas, all out there just waiting for the man from Vice to call again. Fair Ohs (formerly Thee Fair Ohs, as a Billy Childish tribute) were comfortably inside that mode with sub-minute songs and thrashing about, leader Eddy Frankel formerly leader of math-screamers Cutting Pink With Knives. Over time they've turned into more of an Afrobeat/hi-life proposition, inevitable of some in these post-Vampire Weekend days the cynical might suggest, yet they seem keener to burn the influence down to the molten lo-fi core it never really knew it had before, euphoric Afro riffage but still with a noisy centre more akin to a British Abe Vigoda just before their party vehicle is driven into a wall.

Fair Ohs - Summer Lake

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