Monday, January 04, 2010

Class Of 2010: Stars Of Sunday League

Euan Robinson, who by and large is Stars Of Sunday League, has associations with Emmy The Great, but in the musical sphere of charmingly lyrical indie-folk that's hardly unique. It is, however, a useful pointer, as these roughly follow the thematic path of her early solo recordings, surface personal and caring but with an acidic undertow. Backed by Sarah Triggs and Max Jones, Robinson's songs paint pictures of longing and

individuality, reaching right into the soul with the barest, almost simplest musical accompaniment and in a soft but definite Edinburgh burr. There's a lack of pretension to his approach, a poetry that never touches earnestness while dealing in the everyday with a light touch of imagery. These songs could almost have emerged fully formed as if already minor touchstones, daydreaming verses that takes its thoughts of revenge lightly in favour of thinking aloud through feelings, conditions and the way the world of personal relationships turns.

Stars Of Sunday League - I Still Like Football

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