Thursday, January 07, 2010

Class Of 2010: Gallops

Since Battles, with some ground work from Pivot and So So Modern, cleared the space upon which digital motorik could grow there's been a slow but steady shift away from math-rock as an all encompassing signifier of college kids finger tapping towards this electronic undertow propulsiveness, heavy on riff-heavy metronomic dynamism. Wrexham's Gallops are perhaps the best of the new breed as far as we go, melding laptop pulses with a Kraut-guided proper rhythm section, technically gifted but simultaneously loose. Of course it's all founded on complex time signatures and rhythmic structures, altering melodies around when it suits and not afraid of interjecting with a post-hardcore derived guitar riff that in this context sounds almost playful. Fired up and ready to reconsitute, they're like the potential feet impulse scrambling band Warp have yet to find out about.

Gallops - Lasers

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