Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Class Of 2010: Mat Riviere

Sometimes it seems we're on commission from Brainlove Records, home of Pagan Wanderer Lu, Napoleon IIIrd and Stairs To Korea (qv), but something about their approach just chimes with us, the way they find these people able to mix smart lyrics and melodic sense with brutalisation of the electronics around them. And so it is again with Norwich's Mat Riviere. His debut, which you'll find below, is all second hand electronics somehow staying in tune as the loops and verbal ideas pile up. His wider oeuvre creates a sort of back bedroom widescreen, Casio and Yamaha drones and loops creating rhythmic build around his plaintive vocals which sound oddly like Steve Mason, much as the rest of it comes across as early, hypnotic Beta Band on a reduced DIY budget. An album, Follow Your Heart, is out imminently.

Mat Riviere - FYH