Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Class Of 2010: Mitchell Museum

There's so much good music coming out of Scotland at the moment that it seems unfair that one area, so far away from our usually being able to see any of them, is coming up roses for properly individual talents. Mind you, with so many being from Edinburgh these days it's only fair that Glasgow have a go back. Mitchell Museum are by all accounts a jumping bean of a live band, which makes sense with the more indecipherable parts of their current catalogue, all Cardiacs/Unicorns restless oddness mixed with whirling smart psych-pop. It's American influences that ring hardest, whether mid-period Flaming Lips new weird melody, Sebadoh lo-fi entanglement or Modest Mouse wired experimental pop, but a certain arty Britishness lies at its heart. They've just, as in November, completed their album, already clearly ready to take their "junk pop" brimful of ideas compressed into three and a half minute pop shapes with plenty of overspill to a wider potential audience.

Mitchell Museum - Take The Tongue Out

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