Friday, December 02, 2011

STN Albums Of The Year no.44: Bibio - Mind Bokeh

Stephen Wilkinson has more ideas per album then he really knows what to do with, and this time around he's developed his digital sunshine glitch-pop side into assorted realms. One moment coasting ambient bloops are being warped right out of shape, the next FM yacht rock is being coated by twinkly synths until it turns into Radiophonic Workshop Goes Mediterranean. Another might see overlaid Boards Of Canada-style pastoral textures or tropical pop shapes introduced to analogue machines. The only real link, apart from Wilkinson's vocal, is the warmth of the glitchiness, that something more widely palatable is lurking bit can't be allowed to not be roughed over. Metronomy have pursued a similar path this year but Bibo are willing to push the form that bit further out, making sure things never get too comfortable if there's sonic curveballs to be implanted beneath the melodic skin.


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