Tuesday, December 13, 2011

STN Albums Of The Year no.18: Help Stamp Out Loneliness - Help Stamp Out Loneliness

Everyone says D Lucille Campbell sings like Nico, not entirely averted by Cottonopolis + Promises' "won't you let me be your Nico?", but hers is a more versatile, warmer timbre. Much like her band, actually, taking optimistic indiepop ingredients well served and bringing something fresh - quasi-motorik rhythms, glacial synths, dark undertow and a selection of disturbed lyrical preoccupations where the indie disco lingua franca of heartbreak transmutes into obsession, desperate appeal and pining for doomed love on the occasion that the other party knows about it at all. Somehow not flabby at all despite stretching out to 53 minutes or derivative despite the reference points and closing lyrical steal from The First Big Weekend, it's enthusiastically gorgeous, gloriously simple whirling melodies counterbalanced by the pinings of a deeply unsure self having found glamour glinting in the dirt.


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