Sunday, December 04, 2011

STN Albums Of The Year no.36: Peggy Sue - Acrobats

So John Parish was involved in more than one stylistic realigning based on reamplifying the basics this year. Yes, Acrobats has hints of a less razor-tipped PJ Harvey, but there's far more than getting the name in as replication. Peggy Sue used to be a sweet-sourly harmonising acoustic duo; now they've gone electric in more than the amped up sense, as electronic whirrs play underneath and Rosa and Katy sense something lurking in the lengthening shadows. Sparky riffing finds a natural resting place with keening harmonies as garage blues influences are newly brought to the fore and when things do slow down keening cello and lyrical matters of the broken bodied ensure we're being kept thoroughly on our toes.


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