Thursday, December 08, 2011

STN Albums Of The Year no.25: Three Trapped Tigers - Route One Or Die

If Three Trapped Tigers follow a formula we're used to from another source in synapse melting analogue electronic instrumentals - spectacular drumming, tectonic shift basslines, mightily sequenced synth lines, all in imperfect disharmony - theirs is more techno influenced, taking a lot of hard work pieceing together the individual ferocious parts in such a way as they seem improvised through intuition. Ridiculously proficient moments of skyscraping lie back to back with textured ambient floating, euphoric codas come in off the back of spaced out keyboard drones while Adam Betts crashes like a man posssessed to underpin the whole notionally unstable charabanc. Too organic by half for IDM, too much like a cartoon dustcloud with limbs made of riffs, sequences and the joy of finding some new pattern by instant trial and error sticking out at improbable angles to become in any way useable as background music, it's capture and release overload in circuit board form.


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