Saturday, December 03, 2011

STN Albums Of The Year no.40: Comet Gain - The Howl Of The Lonely Crowd

Celebratedly unreliable scene-within-a-scene band they may be, but Comet Gain have earned friends in high places (Edwyn Collins and Ryan Jarman produce here) through their give-a-fuck appeals from the edge of polite society. David Feck sings about working class belief, life wasted and ultimate kitchen sink futility like his very soul depends on every statement as his band work their learnings from northern soul, mod soundtracks, Dexys and typically Scottish 1980s indie, as well as some well thumbed art school/Beat Generation hero texts, into a low budget miasma that reflects their co-leader's earnest outsider fists-in-the-pocket belief, and they can pull off a late night what-it-all-means ballad too. Calling a song Some Of Us Don't Want To Be Saved defines and delinates them on the spot.


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