Monday, December 12, 2011

Catchup session (1)

The blogs and magazines may be in Christmas/end of year list mode, but new music doesn't stop just because we're taking the role of time-specific artistic judge. We've got an inbox full of stuff, which we've spilled out onto the floor, examined with a jeweller's eyepiece and picked out a few fresh cuts, in full knowledge we'll have to do this again before the countdown fortnight is out:

Jonquil - It's My Part

At long last, the third Jonquil album! Lions (the second, following the comfortably sub-radar Sunny Casinos) came out in 2007, the EP that signalled a stylistic shift was mid-2009 and half the band have gone off to become Trophy Wife in the meantime, not to mention Hugo Manuel's Chad Valley project becoming the more celebrated. Point Of Go is set for March 5th on the new Blessing Force label and on the evidence of this first taste they've taken plenty from both the leftfield tropical syncopation blossoming around them and from sharing a home base with Foals. If chillwave's beach haze could be re-aligned to encompass hi-life guitars and all that entails it'd be like this and might still be active.

Jonquil - It's My Part by Blessing Force

The Cast Of Cheers - Family

If last year's free download album Chariot, which reputedly ended up being downloaded some 150,000 times, pitched the idea of an even more electric Irish Foals, this first Luke Smith-produced taste of debut album proper takes that framework and stretches and compresses it into something that somehow remains tauter than your average but marks them out as their own electrified intricate post-post-punk men.

†Hymns† - Miracles

'Atheist rock' duo †Hymns†, as covered on here a couple of times before, have finally put out their debut album this week through Big Scary Monsters, Cardinal Sins/Contrary Virtues a double album statement of intent where the more familiar ferociousness is given levity with quieter material such as this that stretches out and considers what it really want to say while still chomping at the bit. Barbed religious references remain littered throughout.

Yeti Lane - Analog Wheel

You need to stick with and trust this one, it only really gets going around the two minute mark, but when it does those ambient synthscapes and glitchy beats turn into a rolling kaleidoscope of digital Krautrock as patterns build and develop, rhythms ebb and flow and the whole thing coasts several feet above the ground leading into shimmering shards of a psychedelic outro. The French duo's second album The Echo Show is out on Sonic Cathedral on March 5th.

Yeti Lane 'Analog Wheel' by Sonic Cathedral

Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences - You Can't Make Somebody Love You

Due on Audio Antihero next Monday - yes, this is both Hawkins and Jamie Halliday's idea of a jolly Christmas single - one of the older songs from Hawkins' howlingly twisted garage cabaret is given a live dusting down and found to be that muddy anyway. Like an epileptic Stooges. Here he/they are doing it at Latitude 2008. SOMEONE INVITED PAUL HAWKINS TO PLAY LATITUDE.

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