Monday, December 12, 2011

STN Albums Of The Year no.19: Runaround Kids - Linked Arms

And welcome this year's big entrant into the pantheon, some say clique, of spiky, sparky British bands touting their electrifying American 90s alt-rock records as something to expand upon. Wakefield trio Runaround Kids are in the Johnny Foreigner/Copy Haho compartment, taking their Pavement and Arts & Crafts Records influences and producing something on the grounds of manicured guitar riff noise, semi-hidden pop melodies, obtuse (dual) delivery of barbed lyrics and intricate dynamic interplay based on breakdowns, fuzz-outs and shaggy mini-pyrotechnics. It's been done before often but when got right there's little like it for guitar-bass-drums excitement with its eyes on a prize that has little to do with commercial residual and everything to do with the love of - nay, need to - communicating this stuff.


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