Monday, December 19, 2011

One new track festive, one not

The Birthday Kiss, Leeds' boxfresh swooning lovelorn indiepop home for ex-Research and Lodger members, have put out a Christmas tune. Sentimental Christmastime illustrates the death of both youthful festive excitement and an adult relationship in something you could waltz to.

Sentimental Christmastime by The Birthday Kiss

It's been a banner year for Grace Petrie, incorporating playing the Glastonbury Leftfield at Billy Bragg's invitation and having him claim she "stole the fucking show", tour supporting Emmy The Great and accompanying Josie Long on her guerrilla Alternative Reality Tour, and tomorrow and Wednesday she's joining in with Robin Ince's Nine Lessons And Carols For Godless People at the Bloomsbury. From all that you can pretty much surmise the content of her fourth album Mark My Words - angry leftie folk with direct love songs smuggled in between. Just the type of songwriter the acoustic legions urgently require, in other words. Love song or protest song? Let's pick out one of each.

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