Saturday, December 03, 2011

STN Albums Of The Year no.39: Honour Before Glory - This Is Broken Lines

Whiskas, once of ¡Forward, Russia!, almost casually eked this solo record in all but name out in July and has spoken of how a lot of it is driven by working out what studio stuff does. In that case he's on the right track before he knows it, as This Is Broken Lines elegantly sketches a pathway between textural, spidery synth-washed electronics and oppressive maxi-pop with a Canadian tint, where every listen brings out a new quirk. For a beginner's work the sound is impressively opaque, filling out the waveform with dreampop's heavy drift effect before opening wide spaces with subtly effective aereated synths or Low at their loudest-style power chords. It may deviate across the pulsing spectrum but it finds light and shade amid the buzzes and spaces alike.

[only available from Bandcamp]

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