Sunday, December 04, 2011

STN Albums Of The Year no.38: Sons And Daughters - Mirror Mirror

S&D's claustrophobic garage-country girl-pop was given a complete once-over on their third album. It starts like a spell, or at least a dire set of threats, and from there works in electronic elements, dark grooves, slashing elasticated rhythmic and synthesized menace. The punch-up in a roots bar element hasn't completely been lost but JD Twitch's production, using atmosphere as the oppressor rather than pedal-aided noise, lends an air of the great lost Argento horror soundtrack, playing in typewriter keys and white noise (see Ink Free) just to ratchet up the dank tension. It's a gothic album, not in the post-Zola Jesus sense but the creepiness, the sense that an indefinite evil lurks among the cinematographised spires and cobwebs.


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