Friday, December 16, 2011

STN Albums Of The Year no.15: Fashoda Crisis - Him Make They Learn Read

There's a distinct shortage of compromise about Southend trio Fashoda Crisis. Herein someone is described by articulate berserker in chief Sim Ralph as "a Ralph Steadman illustration of a man" and Vernon Kay's skin is worn while "on my knees wanking like a primate". With a song named, with permission, after a Stewart Lee line and a sound hewn from the full frontal electric shock trio cliff face of Mclusky and Shellac, Him Make They Learn Read (which, by the way, is classed as an album as that's what they call it, despite being seven tracks and 25 minutes long) is made of laser targeted vitriol, discordant riffage that takes as much from sludge rock as from Sonic Youth, cheesewire bass, athletically fierce drumming and the odd unrestrained scream of anger into the cultural void. As all Albini acolytes should, it feels like smashing your skull into a wall.


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