Sunday, December 18, 2011

STN Albums Of The Year no.13: Summer Camp - Welcome To Condale

When people refer to Messrs Sankey and Warmsley making songs for fictional John Hughes movies, they don't/shouldn't mean Don't You Forget About Me. In fact they're closest to the use of Yello on Ferris Bueller's Day Off, po-mo synthpop with melodic invention underneath. But that's not half the story either, given Elizabeth's proclivities towards obsessional adoration and its polar opposite. There's far more than a hipster Hurts going on musically too, borrowing overdriven analogue keyboards, bubblegum pop choruses, Ze Records dark disco, pre-Eurohouse club beats and New Wave oddness while working up a teen fiction storyline as the album goes on, not that you necessarily need to listen to it in order or of a piece. Borrowed nostalgia for an unremembered Eighties, sure, but it turns out that's the best approach.


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